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Corporate merger benefits brochure for a bank.

Print: merger and acquisition benefits

Commuter benefits plan for a medical insurance company.
Benefits open enrollment print campaign for a clothing retailer.

Print: open enrollment campaign

Summary plan description for employees of a hospital partnership.


Working directly with end-user clients or through consultants, our experience with employee communications covers:

• Employee benefits
• Executive compensation
• Change management
• Training and development
• Mergers and acquisitions

Meeting your challenges creatively

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Long-term executive benefits plan.

Print: long-term executive benefits plan

Executive retirement plan for a national media publisher.

Print: executive retirement reference

Executive asset management plan for United Technologies.

Print: executive asset management plan

PowerPoint presentation for change management at an international bank.

Print: commuter benefits plan

Performance management program for an international professional services firm.

Print and PowerPoint: performance management program

Banefit Highlights for a medical supply company.

Print: benefits highlights

PowerPoint presentation for change management at an international bank.

PowerPoint: change management

Print: health & welfare summary plan description

Employee training & development catalog for American Cyanamid.

Print: employee training & development catalog

Sales and leadership training campaign for a national food manufacturer.

Branding: employee rewards and recognition program

College recruiting package for a forest products company.

Print: employee recruiting

PowerPoint: change management